Mergers & Acquisitions

Chaffe & Associates, Inc. has an impeccable reputation for its expertise in mergers and acquisitions.  Many corporations turn to Chaffe due to its depth of M&A experience and because of its continuous contact with interested buyers and sellers.  Mergers and acquisitions require awareness of the current market and a precise understanding of the goals and needs of each client.   The services provided by Chaffe give its client, whether buying or selling, step-by-step guidance throughout the process.

Seller Advisory Services:


  • Reviewing the finances of the business
  • Evaluating the company’s strategic alternatives
  • Conducting a complete valuation of the company
  • Setting the price and structuring the terms of the transaction
  • Preparing the materials and financial statements required by the buyers
  • Screening potential buyers
  • Analyzing potential offers and proposals for presentation of its findings to company officers and directors
  • Developing negotiation strategies and implementing the sale
  • Preparing fairness opinions for shareholders
  • Exit planning

Buyer Advisory Services:

  • Reviewing thoroughly the acquisition criteria and business reason for the acquisition
  • Identifying potential acquisition candidates
  • Analyzing the financial and strategic value of the potential acquisition
  • Evaluating the financial implications of the potential acquisition
  • Developing strategy to approach and acquire the chosen company
  • Negotiating the price and terms of the acquisition
  • Evaluating potential financing for the acquisition

All M&A services, except fairness opinions, can be contracted on an hourly or contingency basis.  Fairness opinions are not provided on a contingency basis, assuring impartiality to all parties.

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