The Chaffe Difference

The Chaffe Difference

Large and small companies alike can benefit from the services provided by Chaffe & Associates, Inc.  Chaffe’s financial specialists have the knowledge and experience to guide any company, its executives, and its stockholders when the stability and security of the firm must be safeguarded.

Chaffe & Associates is known as much for its character as for its professional expertise.  The enduring relationships Chaffe enjoys with its clients spring from the Company’s unswerving commitment to a particular set of principles.  These principles used to be the hallmark of the financial industry at large.  In an economic climate where compromise is the norm, Chaffe is unbending in its stand.

145089399Absolute Client Confidentiality

Chaffe’s reputation for confidentiality is so well known, the Company may handle assignments for businesses which are competitors since the clients have no concern that the intimate details of their companies will be compromised or misused.  In cases of high-profile mergers and acquisitions, the parties know sensitive information will not be revealed prematurely to the industry or the media through leaks in the Chaffe organization.

Fairness Opinions Issued Through Chaffe Securities, Inc.

By electing to issue fairness opinions through our FINRA member subsidiary, Chaffe follows FINRA Rule 5150 which requires certain disclosures be made and written procedures followed in the issuance of such opinions. Among the procedures in place at Chaffe is the requirement of the review and approval of a fairness committee, which is comprised of senior professionals of the company, the majority of whom did not serve on the deal team to the transaction.

Long-lasting Client Relationships

Because of the wide variety of services Chaffe provides, clients are likely to call on the firm at various times for specific financial guidance.  However, many companies only need particular, specialized services from time to time.  Based on satisfying results in one transaction, the client feels confident calling Chaffe again whenever necessary.  For that reason, all Chaffe clients are considered ongoing clients, never “past” clients.

Attention to Detail

Our clients rely on us to make sure there are no loose ends, nothing in a transaction that can unravel now or later.  Chaffe & Associates staff is completely committed to the idea that, in finance, there are no unimportant details.

Willingness to Refer

Despite our knowledge and experience, Chaffe is not the ideal financial advisor for every client or every situation.  For that reason, the professionals at Chaffe maintain extensive contacts within all areas of the financial community and refer businesses where the client’s interests will best be served.