Sherwood “Woody” BriggsVice Chairman

“Financial institutions are a cornerstone of our communities and their health is indicative of the health of the world around them.”

Mr. Briggs joined Chaffe & Associates, Inc. in 1985, expanding the firm’s services to the banking and thrift industries.  He is responsible for over $600 million of completed transactions with financial industries in mergers and acquisitions, including regulatory-assisted transactions.  His services also include capital planning, debt placements, equity placements, equity financing, asset/liability management and investment portfolio management.  He has just been appointed Vice Chairman of the Financial Institutions Group.

In addition to his expertise with financial institutions, Mr. Briggs advises on business strategy and regulatory considerations.  He has testified or been deposed in Federal Court, Federal Bankruptcy Court and various State courts on the subject of the valuation of bank shares.  He has addressed or spoken to the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants, the Louisiana Association of Certified Public Accountants, the Louisiana Bar Association, the Louisiana Bankers’ Association, The Louisiana State University School of Law, and the Tulane University Law School, as well as such private venues as the Cambridge seminars on the subject of bank valuations.

Mr. Briggs began his career in banking in 1960 with Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company of Buffalo, New York, where he rose to the position of vice president.  In 1978, he joined Jefferson Guaranty Bank in New Orleans and, in 1983, was appointed executive vice president and chief financial officer.  He also held the position of treasurer of the bank’s holding company, Jefferson Bancshares, Inc.  In these capacities, Mr. Briggs was responsible for the bank’s asset/liability management, the investment portfolio, the international department, correspondent banking department and all financial reporting, budgeting and financial analysis.

  • Master of Business Administration, State University of New York
  • Bachelor of Arts, Cornell University