Advisory Services

Chaffe provides a range of services to companies undergoing operational or financial distress.  Our professionals assist clients in evaluating strategic options, choosing the optimal course of action, and executing that plan.  Tactics may include debt renegotiation, securing funding, or selling certain assets or the entire company in order to satisfy creditor obligations.  We have cultivated long-term relationships with private equity investors, lenders, and other providers that specialize in providing capital to middle market companies in both good and bad times.

Restructuring & Recapitalization Advisory Services

Chaffe has direct experience in advising clients on restructurings, sales, and auction processes.  We work both inside and outside of the bankruptcy framework.  Restructuring is a team sport that requires the skill and expertise of advisors from multiple disciplines.  Chaffe can help assemble your team by referring the best legal and turnaround experts. Alternatively, we are team players that integrate rapidly if one is already in place.

Chaffe is here to assist you in evaluating multiple restructuring and advisory options.

Financial Advisory

  • Cash Flow Forecasts (13 week cash forecast)
  • Capital Structure Alternatives
  • Creditor Negotiation (Lender and Trade)
  • Recapitalizations
  • Expert Testimony

Raising Capital

  • Senior Debt 
  • Subordinated Debt 
  • Minority or Preferred Equity 
  • Hybrid Strategies
  • Procuring DIP (Debtor in Possession) and Exit Financing

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Divestiture of Non-Core Assets 
  • Sale of Division or Business Line 
  • Sale to Financial or Strategic Buyer 
  • Corporate Consolidations