Corporate Planning

The owners and/or management of a private company may need to know the value of their business for a variety of reasons whether it be for strategic planning, setting compensation, planning a transaction, or changing ownership structure.  When those circumstances arise, Chaffe & Associates, Inc. is ready to provide you with an unbiased opinion of value.

Chaffe & Associates, Inc. will work closely with the company to develop tailored models and explain each step of its analysis.

Examples of corporate strategic planning situations, where Chaffe & Associates, Inc.’s services may be helpful, include:

  • Stock Redemptions,
  • IRC § 409A – Stock Option Pricing,
  • Restricted Stock (Rule 144),
  • Recapitalization of Voting and Non-Voting Shares,
  • Identify key value drivers and develop a plan to position a company for sale,
  • Buy-Sell agreements,
  • Cram down/Freeze out mergers, and
  • Buy side and sell side acquisition consulting